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Tips for buying a Mercedes Benz

BENZ car is a good car, expensive, high-quality common man admitted. We should choose a vendor with only standard. It will be a problem with the car a sportier car crash car accidents, floods have not fully assembled car tax, car registration or car, so distressed. You will not find a problem 


Why use a Mercedes to choose us.
Wongsawang BENZ Benz cars are recruited exclusively from the car. MERCEDES-BENZ THAILAND otherwise, whether imported cars (CBU) or assembled in Thailand (CKD), which gives customers peace of mind and confidence. Without question, "center BENZ not repair" and. Take out the car assembly And illegal car tax declaration is incomplete. Or tax evasion Or even some models Some models have the equipment does not meet the standards of BENZ THAILAND, which you can not know it. As a result, it's easy to lose fastidious some cases, so that can not be repaired, such as the lack of standard equipment. That is not attached to the car some cases it can be cheaper, to remove the device.
That's why Mercedes Wongsawang rejected buying and selling cars from Mercedes-Benz. Independent importers Market Bentley Gray Market (Grey Market).
     Benz Wongsawang Thailand's market leader for used Mercedes-Benz created a new vehicle warranty Benz. With the addition of a 3-year warranty *** guarantees unbeatable. With the guarantee of spare parts. No waiver of any part (AZ) because car dealers have high-quality suppliers generally have limitations. The exception does not guarantee or multiple parts. For a minimal charge The advantage of buying We can honestly say that Warranty Benz Wongsawang "Guarantee the best products in Thailand," people who buy a Benz car Wongsawang. Are entitled to the full. That used to be three years at no cost to repair it.
   Wongsawang Benz underlines the confidence of customers. The service has been available nationwide. The car dealer Mercedes Benz - Mercedes-Benz has been officially appointed. Merck Mercedes - Benz (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to provide you with confidence. And make a statement that, "guaranteeing the best products in Thailand."
   Benz Wongsawang Has been monitoring the quality standard. Experts Mercedes car Mercedes - Benz. Merck Mercedes - Benz. Germany We also have a service of its own. A standard repair center And using genuine parts from the factory. *** Repaired on the spot The point once cured ***
          As well as a car BENZ select as many as two showrooms in the same place. Can talk price to meet the needs of every customer.
Benz Wongsawang documented warranty. To reassure By leaving evidence Guarantee Written With vehicle history (SERVICE BOOK) are standard Cancellations and to resell. Prices will not fall For those who know history can buy the next car you buy from the showroom BENZ us.
   BENZ WONGSAWANG center Benz pretty standard 02-585-5888 (10 units), 081-611-3544 090-923-4000.
                                             *** *** According to the terms of trading.